How to get to Enkhuizen?

Getting to Enkhuizen is very easy. Whether you wish to arrive by train or by car, everything has been taken care of.

If you would like some more information about our 17th-century city, please see our welcome to Enkhuizen page. Also, should you be looking for places to stay in Enkhuizen, make sure to check out our staying the night page.

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By car

Driving to Enkhuizen is, from whichever direction you arrive, very easy. Please note that parking in Enkhuizen’s old city center is not easy, and for most zones you’ll need a special parking permit.
If you do arrive by car, we advise you to park at the train station. Parking here is free, 24h a day, click here for directions.
From here, the main festival location is only a 6-minute walk away.

By train

The train from Amsterdam to Enkhuizen only takes about an hour, and from Enkhuizen station the main festival location is only a 3 minute walk away!

Plan your train journey at the Nederlandse Spoorwegen, and use this map to get directions from the station to the main festival location.