Europe’s most atmospheric traditional jazz festival

We would love to see you at the Jazz Festival Enkhuizen, 9-11 June 2017!

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Jazz Festival Enkhuizen

June marks a highlight on Enkhuizen’s cultural calendar. Within Europe the Jazz Festival Enkhuizen, which celebrated it’s 43rd anniversary in 2016, has a leading position in showcasing young artists.

For years now, local, national and international stars from the traditional jazz scene have come to Enkhuizen for a weekend of jazz in the historic city centre.

By popular demand the festival’s original pub-crawl returned in 2014, and has been present since. Other events include outdoor performances on Saturday, and indoor concerts over the whole weekend!

Jazz Festival Enkhuizen; a history

In 1973 the Freetime Old Dixie Jassband plays their first show at the Breda jazz festival. Back home at their local venue -the Bokkebar– the band decides to organise a similar but smaller version of the festival in Enkhuizen. On April the 20th, 1974 the first Enkhuizen Jazz Festival takes place. Five bars open their doors to five local jazz bands. During the day a street parade is held to promote the performances. Until this day the street parade is a popular and recurring event at the festival. Because of the small amount of tickets and large interest, only a select group of people is able to attend the first ever Enkhuizen Jazz Festival.

A year later the organization officially forms a foundation. In the following years the festival grows at a steady pace. More and more bars join in. During its heydays the pub-crawl includes twenty of Enkhuizen’s bars. The festival’s growing popularity is most tangible during the ticket sales. Visitors queue for hours in the streets to get their tickets.

By adding an opening concert on Friday night in 1976 and Bloody Mary –a Sunday afternoon concert- only a year later, the festival grows from a one night only, to a three-day festival.
Traditional jazz is a must in the festivals line-up, but through the years it has shown not be afraid to explore related musical genres.

The festival stills demands a lot of respect, both from the international jazz community as from the local public. Its large group of volunteers and loyal national and international visitors make it a unique and loving festival.